Marine Response

ACTI maintains a fleet of fast response vessels, skimming and containment equipment for on-water emergency response.  We also provide support for marine related work and construction.  Vessels, equipment and supplies are ready for deployment at all times.  We exercise our marine equipment and annually participate in OSPR, USCG unannounced spill drills.

With state of the art equipment ready for immediate deployment, ACTI is certified by various state and federal agencies.  Regardless of time, weather, size of spill or product spilled, ACTI’s marine spill response services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our resources include:

  • Fast Response Vessels
  • Containment Booming Vessels
  • Advanced Skimming and On Water-Recovery Vessels
  • Vessels Equipped For Personnel Deployment
  • Specialty Equipment
  • Shuttle Barges
  • Shallow Water Response Vessels, LCM-6
  • Marco Skimming System
  • High Volume Recovery VOSS (Vessel of Opportunity Skimming System)