The Company.

24/7 Response

We maintain a team of fully trained confined space rescue and emergency medical technicians that are ready for deployment 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Certified Experience

ACTI is recognized as a premier spill response contractor for the oil and chemical industries, government, rail, marine and transportation industries throughout the Western United States.


Specialized equipment, large decontamination pools, logistic support trailers, decon trailers, low and high volume pressure washers, boilers, PPE and decon chemicals are readily available for immediate deployment.


Responding to unpredictable environmental emergencies is a complex process requiring planning and coordination having millions of dollars worth of assets, equipment and material.  We have the expertise to assist in preparing, mitigating, responding and assisting in the recovery from conditions affecting public health and safety.


The ACTI team is our greatest asset.  Our technical and professional staffs bring knowledge, experience, ideas and perspectives from many disciplines and backgrounds.


We place great emphasis on safety, going beyond the set implementation of policies and procedures, safety audits and enforcement of regulations.  ACTI has continuously raised the bar with a professional team of management and personnel.  We take pride in the planning and the decision making process that executes every operation in a safe and cost effective manner.

At ACTI, we pride ourselves on protecting and enhancing the well being of our team members, our clients and the environment.

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Advanced Maritime Emission Control System

For information on AMECS, please visit AEGTechnology.Com.